Samsung l55 User Manual (en)

ƈ Use this camera in the following order
Insert the 
USB cable
Set up the 
camera driver
Before connecting the camera to a PC, via the USB
cable, you will need to set up the camera driver.
Install the camera driver that is contained in
Application software CD-ROM. (p.118)
Take a picture. (p.26)
Insert the supplied USB cable into the PC’s USB
port and the camera’s USB connection terminal.
Check the camera’s power. If the power is turned off,
press the camera button to turn it on. 
Take a picture
Check the 
camera’s power
[Removable Disk]
Open WindowŖs EXPLORER and search for
[Removable Disk]. (p.128)
ƃ If you use a card reader to copy the images on the memory card to your PC, the images
could be damaged. When transferring the images taken with the camera to your PC, be sure
to use the supplied USB cable to connect the camera to your PC. Please note that the
manufacturer holds no responsibility for loss or damage of images on the memory card due
to the use of a card reader.