Samsung l55 User Manual (en)

Inserting the memory card
3. To close, push the battery chamber cover until you hear a
click. If the memory card does not slide in smoothly, do
not attempt to insert it by force. Check the direction of
insertion, and then insert it correctly. Do not insert the
memory card the wrong way round. Doing so may
damage the memory card slot.
2. Have the front of the memory card facing toward the front
of the camera (lens) and the card pins toward the back of
the camera (LCD monitor), and then push the memory
card into the card slot until you hear a click.
1. Turn off the camera’s power and pull the battery chamber
cover in the direction of the arrow to open.
1. Turn the power off using the power button.
Open the battery chamber cover and press the memory
card as shown in the image and release.
2. Remove the memory card and close the battery chamber
Removing the memory card
ƃ When the camera is turned on, inserting or removing the memory card turns the camera
power off.