Samsung l55 User Manual (en)

Starting the recording mode
ƈHow to use the Scene modes
Use the menu to easily configure optimal settings for a variety of shooting situations.
1. Select the [FULL] sub menu on the [MODE] menu (p.23). 
2. Select the Scene mode by pressing the M (Mode) button (p.24).
3. Point the camera towards the subject and compose
the image by using the LCD monitor.
4. Press the shutter button to capture an image.
ſ The scene modes are listed below.
(        ) : Use this for shooting still
images at night or in
other dark conditions.
(        ) : To take a picture of a person.
(        ) : To take a picture of fast moving objects, for example, children.
[LANDSCAPE] (        ) : To take pictures of distant scenery.
(        ) : Use this mode to shoot a document.
(        ) : Close-up shooting for small objects such as plants and insects.
(        ) : Daybreak scenes.
(        ) : For taking pictures of sunsets.
[BACKLIGHT] (        ) : Portrait without shadows caused by backlight.
[FIREWORKS] (        ) : Firework scenes.
[BEACH&SNOW](        ) : For ocean, lake, beach and snowscape scenes.
[SCENE mode]