Samsung l55 User Manual (en)

Voice recording(        ) / Voice memo(      ) / UP button
ƃA distance of 40cm between you and the camera (microphone) is the best distance to
record sound.
ƈWhile the menu is showing, press the UP button to move up the submenu cursor. 
When the menu is not displayed on the LCD monitor, the UP button operates as the voice
recording or voice memo button. You can record your voice or add your voice-over to a stored
still image. Refer to page 29 for more information about the voice recording.
ƃRecording a voice memo
1. Press the M (Mode) button to select a Recording mode with the exception of Movie clip
2. Press the Voice memo (        ) button. If the voice memo indicator is displayed on the LCD
monitor, the setting is completed.
3. Press the shutter button and take a picture. 
The picture is stored on the memory.
4. Voice memo will be recorded for ten seconds
from the moment the picture is stored. In the
middle of the voice recording, pressing the
shutter button will stop the voice memo.
Pressing the Voice memo button
[Recording Voice Memo]