Samsung l55 User Manual (en)

ƈWhile the menu is showing, press the DOWN button to move from the main menu to a
submenu, or to move down the submenu cursor. When the menu is not showing, you can
use the MACRO/ DOWN button to take macro pictures. The distance ranges are shown
below. Press the Macro button until the desired macro mode indicator displays on the LCD
[Auto macro (       )]
[Macro (       )]
[Auto focus - No icon]
ƃWhen the macro mode is selected, it is possible that camera shake will occur. Take care
not to shake the camera.
ƃWhen you take a picture within 30cm in the Macro mode, select the FLASH OFF mode.
ƈTypes of focus modes and focus ranges (W: Wide, T: Tele)
ſ See the next page for the available focusing method, by recording mode.
(Unit : cm)
Focus Type
Auto macro (       )
Macro (       )
Focus range
W : 5~Infinity
T : 14~Infinity
W : 80~Infinity
T : 80~Infinity
W : 80~Infinity
T : 80~Infinity
W : 2~80
T : 14~80
Program (        )
Auto (        )
Macro(     ) / Down button