Samsung l55 User Manual (en)

Voice (     ) memo / Up button
3. Press the shutter button to start recording and voice
will be recorded to the still image for 10 seconds. 
While the voice is recording, the recording status
window will be displayed as shown alongside.
4. The recording can be stopped by pressing 
the shutter button again.
5. The (        ) icon will be displayed on the LCD monitor
after voice memo recording has finished. 
- Voice memos can’t be recorded onto movie clip and
voice recording files.
- A distance of 40cm between you and the camera
(microphone) is the best distance to record sound.
- The voice memo will be saved in ҭ.wav format, but
has the same file name as the still image to which it
- If you add a new voice memo to the still image that already has a voice memo, the
existing voice memo will be erased.
Play & Pause (          ) / Down button
ƈIn Play mode, the play & pause/ down button works as follows:
- If the menu is displayed
Press the DOWN button to move from the main menu to a sub menu, or to move down the
sub menu cursor.
- If a still image with a voice memo, a voice file, or a movie clip is playing
In Stop mode
: Plays a still image with a voice memo, a voice file, or a movie clip.
During playback : Temporarily stops playback.
In Pause mode : Resumes playback
[Voice recording is stopped]
[Voice recording is paused]
[Voice recording is playing]