Samsung l55 User Manual (en)

ƈ When a shot with "red eye" is played back, pressing this button can remove the red eye from
the subject.
1. Use the Left / Right button to select the image with red eye. 
2. Press the Red eye button (             ) and a menu bar for
removing the red-eye effect will display. 
3. Press the OK button and the image should appear with the red eye reduced. 
ſ This function can not be used with TIFF files. 
ſ Red Eye reduction may not work if the file size is only VGA. 
ſ Under some shooting conditions this feature may not activate.
ƈ You camera is generally set to connect to the computer via
the [USB] sub menu.  If you have set this then a direct
connection to a Pictbridge printer will not be established. By
pressing the Printer button, at this point, will enable the
camera to establish a connection to the printer.  In some
instances the camera may not connect to the printer, this will
depend on the make of the printer.
- After the connection, the Easy printing menu will display
on the LCD monitor. To display the PictBridge menu,
press the Menu button. For more information about the
PictBridge menu, refer to page 91. 
Red eye reduction / Printer button (        )