Samsung l55 User Manual (en)

Copy To Card
ƈ This enables you to copy image files, movie clips and voice recording files to the memory card.
ƃ Copying to the Memory Card
1. Press the play mode button and press the menu button.
2. Select the [COPY TO CARD] menu tab by pressing the 
LEFT/ RIGHT button.
3. Select a desired sub menu by pressing the UP/ DOWN
button and press the OK button.
- [NO] : Cancels "Copy to Card".
- [YES]: All images, movie clips and voice recording files
saved in the internal memory are copied to the memory card after the
[PROCESSING!] message is displayed. After copying has been completed, the
screen will return to play mode.
ƃ When this menu is selected without inserting a memory card, you can select the 
[COPY TO CARD] menu but the menu can’t be run.
ƃ If there is not enough space available in the memory card to copy saved images in the
internal memory (24MB), the [COPY TO CARD] command will copy only some of the
images and display [CARD FULL!] message. Then the system will return to the playback
mode. Please be sure to delete any unnecessary files to free up space before inserting
the memory card into the camera.
ƃ When you move the images that are stored in the internal memory to a memory card via
the [COPY TO CARD] function, the next file names will be created in the card to avoid
duplication of the file names moved from the internal memory.
- When the [RESET] of the [FILE] setup menu is selected :The copied file names start
from after the last stored file name.
- When the [SERIES] of the [FILE] setup menu is selected : The copied file names start
from after the last captured file name.
After completing [COPY TO CARD], the last stored image of the last copied folder is
displayed on the LCD monitor.