Samsung gx-1 User Manual (en)

FI with S lens used
Sets to enable focus indicator when screw mount lens is 
in use. Lens is recognized even when lens is not attached 
to the camera when enabled.
Using aperture ring
Sets to enable shutter release when lens aperture ring is set 
at other than A.
Release when Chrging
Sets to release shutter while the built-in flash is charging.
Selects Digital Preview or Optical Preview when the main switch 
is in the preview position (       ). Digital Preview lets you check 
the composition, exposure and focus on the LCD monitor before 
taking the picture. Optical Preview lets you check the depth of 
field with the viewfinder.
Sets the initial magnification of the zoom playback.
Mag to Strt Zm Plybk
Choose from [1.2 times], [2 times], [4 times], [8 times] and
[12 times]. The default setting is [1.2 times].
Sets to meter entire screen or Spot area when setting 
white balance to manual.
Color Space
Sets the color space to use.
Reset Custom Fnction
Resets all the settings in the Custom Function menu
to the defaults.
Using the Menu
Man. WB Measurement
*1 : When the screw mount lens is in use, [Fl with S lens used] menu is available.
*2 : When a lens that has aperture ring is in use, [Using aperture ring] menu is available.
Preview Method