Samsung gx-1 User Manual (en)

Setting the Recorded Pixels and Quality Level
4. Use the four-way controller (ƌ) to select         (Manual).
5. Press the four-way controller (Ȟ).
- The message screen appears.
6. Fully display a white or gray sheet of paper in the viewfinder under the light to adjust white balance.
7. Press the shutter release button fully.
- Slide the focus mode lever to         when the shutter cannot be released.
[OK] appears on the LCD monitor when setting is completed.
[NG] appears when setting is not completed successfully.
8. Press the        button.
ƃ No image is recorded when the shutter release button is pressed to adjust the white balance.
ƃ Press the       button when adjustment is unsuccessful to set again.
ƃ You can use [Man. WB Measurement] in the [      Custom Setting] Menu (p.100) to set the area to
measure for white balance when setting manually. Even if [Entire screen] is selected, white
balance of the entire screen is measured normally but the exposure metering is measured
according to the [AE Metering] setting in the [       Rec. Mode] menu. White Balance is only
adjusted in the spot metering area if [Spot metering area] is selected.
ƃ If picture is extremely overexposed or underexposed, white balance may not be adjusted. In this
case, adjust appropriate exposure and adjust the white balance.
White Balance
White Balance
Point camera at subject 
Press the shutter
release button