Samsung gx-1 User Manual (en)

2. Look through the viewfinder and press the shutter release
button halfway.
- The focus indicator        appears in the viewfinder when
focused (if it is blinking, the subject is not in focus).
ſ Hard-to-Autofocus Subjects (p.44)
Focus indicator
ƃ In           (Single mode), the focus is locked (focus lock) while        is lit. To focus on another
subject, take your finger off the shutter release button first.
ƃ During        (Moving Object) mode, when the            mode is set to          (Kids) or           (Pet) or
when the [AF Mode] in the [      Rec. Mode] is set  to           (Continuous mode), focus is adjusted
continuously, tracking The moving object as long as the shutter release button is kept pressed
ƃ The shutter cannot be released until the subject is in focus in           (Single mode). 
If the subject is too close to the camera, move back and take the picture. Adjust the focus
manually if the subject is difficult to focus. (p.44), (p.125)
ƃ In           (Single mode), press the shutter release button halfway. The built-in flash will discharge
automatically several times, enabling the autofocus to focus on the subject easier if the subject is
in a dark area and the built-in flash is up.
ƃ Regardless if the camera is set to            (Single mode) or            (Continuous mode), the camera
automatically tracks the subject if it is determined to be a moving object.