Samsung gx-1 User Manual (en)

ƈ If the subject is outside the range of the focusing area, the camera Cannot automatically focus on the
subject. In this situation, you can aim the focusing area toward the subject, use focus lock and
recompose the picture.
1. Frame the desired composition for your picture in the
- Use focus lock function when the subject you wish to focus
on is not inside the focusing area.
(Example) The person is out of
and the background is
focused instead.
2. Center the subject to focus in the viewfinder and press the
shutter release button halfway.
- The focus indicator       appears and you will hear a beep
when the subject comes into focus (if it is blinking, the
subject is not in focus).
3. Lock the focus.
- Keep the shutter release button pressed halfway. The focus will remain locked.
Fixing the Focus (Focus Lock)