Samsung gx-1 User Manual (en)

Setting the Exposure
ƈ Correct exposure of the subject is determined by the combination of shutter speed and aperture
setting. There are many correct combinations of shutter speed and aperture for a particular subject.
Different combinations produce different effects.
ƈ The shutter speed determines the length of time that light is allowed to strike the CCD. Adjust the
amount of light striking the CCD.
Effect of Shutter Speed
ƃ Using slower shutter speed
If the subject is moving, the image will be blurred because the
shutter is open longer. 
It is possible to enhance the effect of motion (rivers, waterfalls,
waves, etc.) by intentionally using a slower shutter speed.
ƃ Using faster shutter speed
Choosing a faster shutter speed will allow freezing the action of a
moving subject.
A faster shutter speed also helps preventing camera shake.
Effect of Aperture and Shutter Speed