Samsung gx-1 User Manual (en)

Setting the Exposure
ƃ Turn the e-dial while pressing the             button and change the EV Compensation value.
ƃ Set the shutter speed in increments of 1/2 EV or 1/3 EV. Set in [Expsr Setting Steps] in the 
[     Custom Setting] menu. (p.141)
ƃ You can automatically correct the sensitivity if appropriate exposure cannot be set with the set
criteria. Set [Sensitivity] to [AUTO] in the Fn menu. (p.115)
Exposure Warning
If the subject is too bright or too dark, the aperture value will
blink in the viewfinder and on the LCD panel. If the subject is
too bright, choose a faster shutter speed. If it is too dark,
choose a slower shutter speed. When the aperture value indication stops blinking, you can take
the picture with proper exposure.
If both the shutter speed and aperture value are blinking, this indicates being out of metering range
and the proper exposure cannot be obtaind even if the shutter speed is adjusted.
Use an ND (Neutral Density) filter if the subject is too bright.
Use a flash if it is too dark.