Samsung gx-1 User Manual (en)

Setting the Exposure
- The shutter speed and aperture value are displayed in the
viewfinder and on the LCD panel. 
Of the shutter speed and aperture, the value being adjusted is
underlined in the viewfinder. While adjusting the shutter speed
or aperture value, the difference with the appropriate
exposure (EV value) appears at the bottom right of the viewfinder. The appropriate exposure is
set when [0.0] is displayed.
Difference from the
appropriate exposure
ƃ When in       (Manual) mode, the sensitivity is equivalent to ISO 200 when sensitivity is set to
ƃ Blinks when the difference with appropriate exposure is over ±3.0.
ƃ Set the shutter speed and aperture values in increments of 1/2 EV or 1/3 EV.
Set in [Expsr Setting Steps] in the [     Custom Setting] menu. (p.141)
Exposure Warning
You are out of the measuring area if the shutter speed and
aperture blink. Use an ND (Neutral Density) filter if the subject is
too bright. Use a flash if it is too dark.