Samsung gx-1 User Manual (en)

Setting the Exposure
ƈ This allows you to deliberately over-expose (brighten) or under-expose (darken) your picture. 
You can adjust the EV Compensation from -2 to +2 (EV) in increments of 1/2 EV or 1/3 EV.
Set in [Expsr Setting Steps] in the [     Custom Setting] menu. (p.141)
Setting the Exposure
1. Set the compensation with the e-dial while the             button 
is pressed.
2. Confirm the compensation value in the viewfinder.
is displayed during compensation.
blinks when the flash is popped up if the flash
compensation is set.
Compensation value
ƃ Exposure compensation is not available when the exposure mode is set to      (Manual) or
(Bulb) mode.
ƃ The exposure compensation cannot be canceled by turning the camera off or by setting any other
exposure mode.