Samsung gx-1 User Manual (en)

Setting the Exposure
ƈ Set Exposure Setting Steps in [Expsr Setting Steps] in 
Custom Setting] to increments of 1/2 EV or 1/3 EV.
Changing the Exposure Setting Steps
ƈ AE Lock is a function that memorizes the exposure prior to taking the picture. Use this when the
subject is too small or backlit and a proper exposure setting cannot be obtained.
1. Press the           button.
- The camera memorizes the exposure (brightness) at that
Press it again to unlock.
Recording the Exposure Before Shooting (AE Lock)
is displayed in the viewfinder while the AE lock is engaged. (p.18)
ƃ The exposure remains in memory for twice as much time as the metering timer after releasing the
button. The exposure remains locked as long as the            button is kept pressed or the
shutter release button is kept pressed halfway.
ƃ You will hear a beep when the            button is pressed. The beep can be turned off. (p.161)
ƃ AE lock is not available when the exposure mode is       (Manual) or     (Bulb) mode.
ƃ The combination of shutter speed and aperture value changes depending on the zooming
position even while the AE lock is engaged when using a zoom lens for which maximum aperture
varies depending on the focal length. However, the exposure value does not change and the
picture is taken at the brightness level set by the AE lock.
ƃ If the exposure mode is       (Manual), the aperture and/or shutter speed are automatically
adjusted to set the appropriate exposure when the            button is pressed. (p.137)
ƃ Exposure can be fixed when focus is locked. Set in [AE-L with AF locked] in the [      Custom
Setting] menu. (p.124)
Expsr Setting Steps
1/2 EV Steps
1/3 EV Steps
Exposure setting steps
are set to 1/2 EV