Samsung gx-1 User Manual (en)

Setting the Exposure
4. Press the         button. The screen returns to the       menu.
5. Press the       button. The camera is ready to take a picture.
- Shooting is ready and          is displayed on the LCD panel.
6. Press the shutter release button halfway.
- Focus indicator        appears in the viewfinder when focused.
7. Press the shutter release button fully.
- Three continuous pictures will be taken, the first with no compensation, the second with negative
compensation, and the third with positive compensation.
ƃ When the focus mode is set to           (Single mode), the focus is locked in the first frame position
and used for subsequent continuous frames.
ƃ The auto bracketing exposure setting will remain effective for twice as much time as the exposure
metering timer (default setting is 20 seconds)
when you release your finger from the shutter release button during auto bracketing, and you can
take the next picture at the next compensation value.
In this case, auto focusing works for each frame. After about twice as much time as the exposure
metering timer (default setting is 20 seconds), the camera returns to settings for taking the first
ƃ You can combine Auto Bracket with the built-in flash or external flash (P-TTL auto only) to change
only the flash output continuously. However, when using an external flash, holding the shutter
release button down to take three continuous frames may cause the second and third frame to be
taken before the flash is fully recharged. Always take one frame at a time after confirming that
charging is complete.
ƃ Auto Bracket is not available when the exposure mode is set to     (Bulb) mode.