Samsung gx-1 User Manual (en)

Checking the Composition, Exposure and Focus Before Shooting
ƈ You can use the preview function to check the depth of field, composition, exposure and focus before
taking a picture. There are 2 preview methods.
Select the preview method in [Preview Method] in the [      Custom Setting] menu (p.101). The default
setting is [Digital Preview]
ƈ Displaying the Preview
Display the digital preview or optical preview.
Displaying the Digital Preview
ƈ Focus on the subject, then compose the picture in the viewfinder
and move the main switch to       .
The (       ) icon appears in the LCD monitor during preview and you can check the composition,
exposure and focus.
Press the shutter release button halfway to end Digital Preview and start focusing. The image
displayed in Digital Preview is not saved.
Digital Preview
For checking the composition, exposure and focus in the LCD monitor.
Optical Preview
For checking the depth of field with the viewfinder.
ƃ You can display the overexposed area warning or histogram in Digital Preview. Set in [Preview
Display] (p.98) in the [       Playback] menu.
ƃ The maximum display time for Digital Preview is 60 seconds.