Samsung gx-1 User Manual (en)

Using the Built-in Flash
ƈ Using       (Shutter Priority) Mode
1. Set the mode dial to       .
(Shutter Priority) mode is set.
2. Use the e-dial to set the desired shutter speed.
The background is not properly corrected if aperture value is flashing when shutter speed is set. 
Set the shutter speed so that aperture does not flash.
3. Press the           button.
The flash pops up.
4. Take the picture.
ƃ Slow-speed-sync slows the shutter speed. Use a tripod to avoid camera shake. 
The picture will also blur if the subject moves.
ƃ Slow-speed-sync shooting can also be performed with an external flash.
ƈ You can use slow-speed-sync when shooting portraits with the sunset in the background. Both the
portrait and the background are captured beautifully.
ƈ Using       (Manual) Mode
1. Set the mode dial to       .
(Manual) mode is set.
2. Set the shutter speed (under 1/180 sec.) and aperture value to obtain correct exposure.
3. Press the          button.
The flash pops up.
In       (Manual) mode, pop up the flash at any time.
4. Take the picture.
Using Slow-Speed-Sync