Samsung gx-1 User Manual (en)

Using an External Flash (Optional)
ƈ The SEF-36PZF will automatically convert the field angle differential between 35 mm format and the
GX-1L depending on the focal length of the lens you are using (when using D-XENON lenses). 
The conversion indicator appears and the format size indicator disappears when the exposure
metering timer of the GX-1L is on (it returns to 35 mm format display when the exposure metering
timer is turned off).
ƈ Use this flash mode with the SEF-36PZF flash unit. When flash mode is set to “P-TTL auto”, the flash
pre-fires right before taking pictures using 16-segment metering and allows more precise control. P-
TTL auto is available in wireless flash mode when two or more SEF-36PZF units are used.
1. Remove the cover of the hot shoe and attach the SEF-36PZF.
2. Turn on the SEF-36PZF.
3. Set the SEF-36PZF flash mode to P-TTL auto.
4. Confirm that the SEF-36PZF is fully charged and then take the picture.
ƃ P-TTL auto is only available with the SEF-36PZF flash unit.
ƃ The      will light in the viewfinder when the flash is ready (fully charged).
ƃ For details such as operation method and effective distance, please read the external flash
ƃ The flash does not discharge when the subject is bright enough when Flash Mode is         or         .
Therefore, it may not suitable for daylight-sync shooting.
ƃ Never press the flash pop up button when any external flash unit is attached to the camera. 
The built-in flash will hit the external flash.
ƃ See the SEF-36PZF operating manual for details.
Using P-TTL Auto Mode
About the LCD Panel Display for SEF-36PZF
85mm 77mm 50mm 35mm
28mm 24mm 20mm 18mm
70mm 50mm
28mm 24mm*
48mm 34mm
19mm 16mm*
Lens focal length
LCD panel
metering timer
metering timer
* Using wide adaptor