Samsung gx-1 User Manual (en)

Using an External Flash (Optional)
ƈ Shoot using the flash without connecting the camera and flash with a cord by using two SEF-36PZF
units.The High-speed sync mode is also available in wireless mode.
ƈ With the SEF-36PZF, you can discharge the flash to take a picture at a shutter speed faster than
1/180 second. High-speed flash sync can be used with the flash attached to the camera, or wireless.
ƃ Attaching and Using the SEF-36PZF on the Camera
1. Remove the hot shoe cover and attach the SEF-36PZF.
2. Turn the mode dial and set the exposure mode to       or       .
3. Turn on the SEF-36PZF.
4. Set the SEF-36PZF sync mode to HS (high-speed flash sync.).
5. Confirm that the SEF-36PZF is fully charged and then take the picture.
ƃ The       will light in the viewfinder when the flash is ready (fully charged).
ƃ High-speed flash sync is only available when the shutter speed is faster than 1/180 sec.
ƃ High-speed flash sync is not available when the exposure mode is set to     (Bulb).
ƃ See the SEF-36PZF operating manual for details.
ƃ Be sure to set the two SEF-36PZF units to the same channel. See the SEF-36PZF operating
manual for details.
Using in Wireless Mode
Using High-Speed Flash Sync Mode