Samsung gx-1 User Manual (en)

Names of Working Parts
Capture Mode
ƈ Press the            button in capture mode to display the capture function settings on the LCD monitor
for 15 seconds.
1. AF mode (p.118)
2. Mode dial position (p.104)
3. AE metering (p.129)
4. Flash mode (p.49)
5. Drive mode (p.102)
6. Auto bracket (p.144)
7. ISO sensitivity (p.115)
8. Image tone (p.108)
9. Quality level (p.110)
10. Recorded pixels (p.109)
11. Color space (p.117)
12. White balance (p.112)
13. Date and time (p.161)
14. Focusing area (p.122)
15. Saturation (p.111)
16. Sharpness (p.111)
17. Contrast (p.111)
18. Lens focal length
19. SCN mode (Only displayed in Scene
ƃ Detailed Information
ƃ Explanation of Set Mode Dial
- Press the four-way controller (Ȟ) to view explanation of set mode dial.
Detailed Info 
Detailed Info 
Detailed Info
Night Scene
Used for night scenes.
Use a tripod, tripod, etc. to
prevent shaking