Samsung gx-1 User Manual (en)

Names of Working Parts
Playback Mode
ƈ The camera switches screen displays every time you press            button during playback.
ƃ Detailed Information
1. Captured images
2. Rotate icon (p.64)
3. Image folder number and file number
(p.167, 168)
4. Protect icon (p.77)
5. AF mode (p.121)
6. Focusing area (p.122)
7. Shutter speed (p.133)
8. Aperture (p.135)
9. EV compensation (p.140)
10. Saturation (p.111)
11. Shooting mode (p.104)
12. AE metering (p.129)
13. Flash mode (p.49)
14. Drive mode (p.102)
15. Auto bracket (p.144)
16. Sharpness (p.111)
17. ISO sensitivity (p.113)
18. Image tone (p.106)
19. Contrast (p.111)
20. Quality level (p.110)
21. Recorded pixels (p.109)
22. Color space (p.117)
23. Lens focal length
24. White balance (p.112)
25. Captured date and time (p.161)
26. SCN mode (Only displayed in Scene
ƃ You can change the information initially displayed by pressing the         button. (p.158)