Samsung gx-1 User Manual (en)

Software Notes
Please ensure that you read the instruction manual carefully before use.
ϛThe attached software is a camera driver and image editing software tool for Windows.
ϛUnder no circumstances should all or part of either the software or the user manual be reproduced.
ϛCopyrights for software are licensed only for use with a camera.
ϛIn the unlikely event of a manufacturing fault, we will repair or exchange your camera.
We cannot, however, be held responsible in any way for damage caused by inappropriate use.
ϛUsing a Hand-made PC or a PC and OS that has not been guaranteed by the manufacturer
is not covered by the Samsung warranty.
ϛBefore reading this manual, you should have a basic knowledge of computers and O/S (Operating
System Requirements
For Windows
For Macintosh
Windows 2000/ME/XP
Mac OS 9.0 or later
Minimum 256MB RAM (512MB recommended)
Minimum 256MB RAM
250MB of available hard disk space 
250MB of available hard-disk space
(1GB recommended)
USB port
USB port
CD-ROM drive
CD-ROM drive
PC with processor better than Pentium II 450Mz
(Pentium 700MHz recommended)
1024x768 pixels, 16-bit colour display
compatible monitor (24-bit colour display
Power Mac G3 or later