Samsung gx-1 User Manual (en)

Cleaning the CCD
ƈ Shadows may appear in the image for white backgrounds and other shooting conditions if the CCD
becomes dirty or dusty. This indicates that the CCD must be cleaned. Please contact Samsung
Camera service center for professional cleaning because the CCD is a precision part.
1. Turn the camera off and remove the lens.
2. Turn the camera on.
3. Select [Sensor Cleaning] on the [       Set-up] menu.
4. Press the four-way controller (Ȟ).
- The Sensor Cleaning screen appears.
ƃ Do not use a spray type blower.
ƃ Do not clean the CCD when the exposure mode is set to      (Bulb) mode.
ƃ Always cap the lens mount area to prevent dirt and dust from accumulating on the CCD when no
lens is on the camera.
ƃ It is recommended to use the AC adapter (D-AC10, optional) when cleaning the CCD.
ƃ When the battery level is low, [Not enough battery remaining to clean sensor] is displayed on the
LCD monitor.
ƃ If you are not using the AC adapter, please use batteries with ample capacity remaining. 
A warning beep will sound if the battery capacity becomes low during cleaning. Please stop
cleaning immediately.
ƃ Do not put the tip of the blower inside the lens mount area. If the power is turned off, this could
cause damage to the shutter or the CCD sensor.
ƃ The self-timer lamp blinks and [Cln] appears on the LCD panel while cleaning the CCD.