Samsung gx-1 User Manual (en)

Error Messages
Memory card full
The SD Memory Card is full and no more images
can be saved. Insert a new SD Memory Card or delete
unwanted images. (p.27, 73)
You may be able to save new images by changing the quality
level or recorded pixels.
(p.109, 110)
There are no images for playback on the SD Memory Card.
You are trying to play back an image in a format not
supported by this camera. You may be able to play it back on
another brand of camera or your computer.
The SD Memory Card is not inserted in the camera. (p.27)
The SD Memory Card has a problem, and image capture and
playback are impossible. It may be viewable on a PC but not
the camera.
The SD Memory Card you have inserted is unformatted or
has been formatted on a computer or other device and is not
compatible with this camera. Use after formatting with the
A locked SD Memory Card is inserted in the camera. Unlock
the SD Memory Card. (p.28)
The selected rotated image is protected.
Remove protection from the image.
The inserted card cannot be used on a camera.
Insert a usable card.
The batteries are exhausted. Install new batteries in the
camera. (p.23)
No image
Camera cannot display this image
No card in camera
Memory card error
Card not formatted
Card locked
Card is locked
Rotation information cannot be saved
This image is protected
Rotation information cannot be saved
Cannot use this card
Battery depleted
Not enough battery remaining 
to clean sensor
Appears during CCD cleaning if battery set level is insufficient.
Replace the battery set with a new one or use an AC adaptor
(D-AC10, optional). (p.26)
Error Message