Samsung gx-1 User Manual (en)

The capture mode
isset to        (Moving
Object) mode
We recommend checking the following items before contacting a service center.
Replace with a charged battery set or use the AC adapter
(D-AC10, optional). (p.26)
Insert SD Memory Card with available space or delete
unwanted images. (p.27, 73)
Wait until recording is finished.
Autofocus cannot focus well on subjects that have low
contrast (the sky, white walls), dark colors, intricate
designs, are moving quickly or scenery shot through a
window or a net-like pattern. 
Lock focus on another object located at same distance
(press shutter release button halfway), then aim at target
and press shutter release button fully. Alternatively, use
manual focus. (p.125)
Position subject in focus frame in middle of viewfinder. 
If the subject is outside thefocusing area, aim the camera 
at the subject and lock the focus (press shutter release
button halfway), then compose picture and press the
shutter release button fully.
Camera does not
turn on
The shutter does
not release
The Autofocus
does not work
Batteries are not
Batteries are not
installed properly
Check orientation of batteries. Re-insert batteries
according to the ճմ symbols. (p.23)
Check if batteries are installed. If not, install batteries.
Wait until charging is finished.
Move away from the subject and take a picture.
Set the focus mode lever to       . (p.118)
Set the focus mode to           (Single mode). (p.121)
Battery power is low
Flash is charging
No available space
on SD Memory Card
Subject is difficult to
focus on
Subject is not in
focusing area
Subject is too close
The focus mode is 
set to 
The focus mode is
set to
(Continuous mode)
Set the capture mode to setting other than   
Object) mode. (p.45)