Samsung gx-1 User Manual (en)

* In rare cases, the camera may not operate correctly due to static electricity. This can be remedied by
taking the batteries out and putting them back in again. When the mirror remains in the up position,
take the batteries out and put them back in again. Then, turn the power on. The mirror will retract. 
After the procedure is done, if the camera operates correctly, it does not require any repairs.
* Refer to the software instructions for details on connecting the camera to a PC. (p.173)
AE lock function
does not operate
Built-in Flash
does not
The power zoom
system does not
USB connection
with computer
does not work
USB connection
with printer does
not work properly
Use AE lock with any setting other than       (Manual)
mode or      (Bulb) mode.
AE lock is not
available when set 
to      (Manual) mode
or     (Bulb) mode
When flash mode is
set to [Auto
discharge] or [Auto
reduct], the flash will
not discharge if the
subject is bright
Mode dial is set to 
(Flash OFF)
(Scene) mode is
set to          (Night
Scene),         (Sunset),
(Candlelight) or 
The camera does
not have the power
zoom function
The transfer mode is
set to [PictBridge]
An error occurred
while sending USB
The transfer mode is
set to [PC] or [PC-F]
Set flash mode to [Manual discharge] or [Manl
flash+Redeye reduct]. (p.49)
Set mode dial to any setting other than        (Flash OFF).
Set            mode to any setting other than          (Night
Scene),          (Sunset),          (Candlelight) or
(Museum). (p.47)
Use manual zoom. (p.48)
Set transfer mode to [PC].
Change the transfer mode to [PC-F].
Set transfer mode to [PictBridge]. (p.84)