Samsung gx-1 User Manual (en)

ƃ CR-V3, AA lithium batteries and AA alkaline batteries are not rechargeable.
ƃ Do not open the battery cover or remove the batteries while the power is on.
ƃ Remove the batteries when you will not use the camera for a long while. The batteries may leak.
ƃ If the date and time settings have been reset when you insert new batteries after a long while,
follow the procedure for 
ŗSetting the Date and Time”. 
ƃ Insert batteries correctly. Batteries inserted incorrectly may cause a camera breakdown. Wipe the
electrodes of the batteries before inserting.
ƃ Replace all the batteries at the same time. Do not mix battery type, brands or an old battery with a
new one.
Connecting to a Power Source
ƈ Insert batteries into the camera. Use two CR-V3 or four AA Ni-MH batteries, AA lithium batteries, or
AA alkaline batteries.
1. Push and hold the battery cover unlock lever as shown in the
illustration (ڹ), and slide the battery cover toward the lens (ں),
and then flip open.
2. Insert the batteries according to the + / - indicators in the
battery chamber.
This camera is packaged with AA alkaline batteries for checking the camera’s functionality but some
other kinds of batteries are also compatible. Refer to “Batteries” (p.24) for details on compatible
batteries and when to use them.
Inserting the Batteries