Samsung gx-1 User Manual (en)

Connecting to a Power Source
ƈ We recommend using the AC adapter D-AC10 (optional) when using the LCD monitor for a long time
or when connecting to your PC.
1. Make sure the camera is turned off before opening the terminal cover.
2. Connect the DC terminal on the AC adapter to the DC input terminal on the camera.
3. Connect the AC plug cord to the AC adapter.
4. Plug the AC cord into the power outlet.
ƃ Make sure the camera is turned off before connecting or disconnecting the AC adapter.
ƃ Make sure connections are secure between the camera, AC adapter, AC plug cord terminal and
the power outlet. SD Memory Card and data will be corrupted if disconnected while camera is
recording or reading data.
ƃ Be sure to read the AC adapter D-AC10 operating manual when using the AC adapter.
ƃ The rechargeable batteries in your camera will not charge when connected to the AC adapter.
Using the AC Adapter (Optional)
ƈ AC adapter (D-AC10, optional) for PENTAX DSLR camera can be used with SAMSUNG DSLR