Samsung gx-1 User Manual (en)

ƈ Do not attempt to modify this camera in any way. This may result in fire, injury, electric shock or
severe damage to you or your camera. Internal inspection, maintenance and repairs should be
carried out by your dealer or Samsung Camera Service centre.
ƈ Please do not use this product in close proximity to flammable or explosive gases, as this could
increase the risk of explosion.
ƈ Should any form of liquid or a foreign object enter the camera, do not use it. Switch off the camera,
and then disconnect the power source (batteries or AC Power Adapter).
You must contact your dealer or Samsung Camera Service centre. Do not continue to use the
camera as this may cause a fire or electric shock.
ƈ Do not insert or drop metallic or inflammable foreign objects into the camera through access points
e.g. the memory card slot and battery chamber. This may cause a fire or electric shock.
ƈ Do not operate this camera with wet hands. This could pose a risk of electric shock.
ƈ Do not use the flash in close proximity to people or animals. Positioning the flash too close to your
subject’s eyes, may cause eyesight damage.
ƈ When taking photographs, never point the lens of the camera directly into very strong light. This may
result in permanent damage to your eyesight.
ƈ For safety reasons keep this product and accessories out of reach of children or animals to prevent
accidents e.g.:
ҮSwallowing batteries or small camera accessories. If an accident should occur, please consult a
doctor immediately.
ҮThere is the possibility of injury from the camera’s moving parts.
ƈ Batteries and camera may become hot during prolonged use and it may result in camera malfunction.
Should this be the case, allow the camera to sit idle for a few minutes to allow it time to cool.
ƈ Do not recharge non rechargeable batteries. This may cause an explosion.
ƈ Do not leave this camera in places subject to extremely high temperatures, such as a sealed vehicle,
direct sunlight or other places of extreme variances in temperature. 
Exposure to extreme temperatures may adversely affect the cameraŖs internal components and could
cause a fire.
ƈ When in use, do not cover the camera or AC Power Adapter. This may cause heat to build up and
distort the camera body or cause a fire. Always use the camera and its accessories in a well-ventilated