Samsung gx-1 User Manual (en)

Adjusting the Viewfinder Diopter
ƈ Adjust the viewfinder to suit your eyesight.
If it is difficult to see the viewfinder image clearly, slide the diopter adjustment lever sideways.
You can slide the diopter from -2.5m
to +1.5m
1. Look through the viewfinder and point the camera at a well-lit
scene. Slide the diopter adjustment lever left or right.
Adjust the lever until the AF frame in the viewfinder is focused.
AF Frame
ƃ Eyecup is attached to the viewfinder portion when camera
leaves the factory. Diopter adjustment is available with the
eyecup attached. However, adjustment is easier with the
eyecup removed as shown above. To remove the eyecup,
pull one side of the Eyecup out and toward you as shown on
the right.
ƃ If it is difficult to see the viewfinder image clearly even if you
set the diopter adjustment lever, use the diopter correction
lens adapter (optional). However, the eyecup must be removed.