Samsung gx-1 User Manual (en)

Basic Shooting Operation
ƈ How you hold the camera is important when taking pictures.
- Hold the camera firmly with both hands.
- Press the shutter release button gently when taking a picture.
[ Horizontal position ]
[ Vertical position ]
ƃ To reduce camera shake, support your body or the camera on a solid object such as a table, tree,
or wall. Always use the shortest practical shutter speed for hand-held shots, especially when
using Zoom or Telephoto lenses.
ƃ Although there are individual differences among photographers, the slowest recommended
shutter speed for a handheld camera is generally 1/(focal lengthx1.5). For example, it is 1/75 of a
second for a focal length of 50 mm and 1/150 of a second for 100 mm. A tripod should be used
for shutter speeds slower than this.
ƃ When using a telephoto lens, a tripod that is heavier than the total weight of the camera and lens
is recommended to avoid camera shake.
Holding the Camera