Samsung gx-1 User Manual (en)

Basic Shooting Operation
3. Turn the zoom ring to select the size of the subject.
- Using the Zoom Lens (p.48)
5. Press the shutter release button fully.
The picture is taken.
4. Position the subject inside the autofocus frame and press the
shutter release button halfway.
The autofocus system operates. 
The focus indicator        appears in the  viewfinder when the
subject is in focus.
The flash pops up automatically when necessary (manually
lift the flash when Flash mode is not set to [Auto]).
- Operating the shutter release button (p.43)
- Hard-to-Autofocus Subjects (p.44)
- Using the Built-in Flash (p.49)
ſ You can preview the image in the LCD monitor and check
the composition, exposure, and focus before taking the
picture. (p.145)
Focus indicator