Samsung gx-1 User Manual (en)

Basic Shooting Operation
6. Review captured images on the LCD monitor.
Image displays for 1 second on the LCD monitor after
capturing (Instant Review.) 
You can delete the image during Instant Review by pressing
the       button.
- Setting the Display Time (p.168)
- Deleting Images (p.73)
- Displaying Bright Portion Warning (p.169)
- Histogram Display (p.169)
ƈ The shutter release button has two positions.
Pressing it down halfway (first position) turns on the viewfinder and LCD panel indicators and the
autofocus system operates. Pressing it fully (second position) takes the picture.
Not pressed
Pressed halfway
(first position)
Pressed fully
(second position)
Operating the shutter release button
ƃ Press the shutter release button gently when taking a picture to prevent camera shake.
ƃ Practice pressing the shutter release button halfway to learn where the first position is.
ƃ The viewfinder indicators stay on while shutter release button is pressed. The indications stay on
for about 10 seconds (default setting) after the button is released.