Samsung gx-1 User Manual (en)

Basic Shooting Operation
ƈ The autofocus mechanism is not perfect. Focusing may be difficult when taking pictures under the
following conditions ((a) to (f) below). These also apply to manual focusing using the focus indicator
in the viewfinder. If the subject cannot be focused automatically, set the focus mode lever to
and use the manual focus mode to focus on the subject with the aid of the matte field in the
(a) Extremely low-contrast subjects such as a white wall in the focus points range.
(b) Subjects which do not reflect much light within the focus points range.
(c) Fast moving objects.
(d) Strongly reflected light or strong backlighting (bright background).
(e) If vertical or horizontal line patterns appear within the focus points range.
(f) Multiple subjects in the foreground and background within the focus points range.
Hard-to-Autofocus Subjects
ƃ Subject may not be focused even when        (focus indicator) is displayed when (f) above applies.