Samsung gx-1 User Manual (en)

Selecting the Appropriate Capturing Mode for Scenes
ƈ The camera selects and set the optimum mode when                (Auto Scene) on the mode dial is set
to the dial indicator.
Select        (Portrait),       (Landscape),        (Macro),        (Moving Object),        (Night Scene Portrait),
(Flash OFF),           (Scene) with the mode dial if desired image is not captured in Auto Scene
mode. The modes are as follows.
Selects automatically from Normal, Portrait, Landscape, Macro,
and Moving Object modes.
Optimal for capturing portraits.
Deepens the focus range, emphasizes contour and saturation
of trees and the sky, and produces a bright image.
Lets you take vibrant pictures of flowers and other small
subjects at short distances.
Lets you take sharp pictures of a quickly moving subject, such
as at a sporting event.
(Night Scene Portrait)
Lets you capture people against a night view or dusk.
The built-in flash is deactivated. Other settings are the same as
the       (Normal) mode in                .
Lets you select from 8 shooting scenes depending on the
shooting conditions.
(Auto Scene)
(Moving Object)
(Flash OFF)
Dial indicator
ƃ For        (Night Scene Portrait), the shutter speed becomes slower in dark places, even if the built-
in flash is used. Use a tripod to avoid camera shake.