Samsung gx-1 User Manual (en)

Using the Built-in Flash
ƈ Use the following procedures to take a picture in low light or backlit conditions or when you want to
manually use the built-in flash.
The built-in flash is optimum at about 0.7 m to 4 m from the subject. 
Exposure will not be properly controlled and vignetting may occur when used at a distance closer
than 0.7 m (this distance varies slightly depending on the lens being used and set sensitivity).
ſ Compatibility of built-in flash and lens
Vignetting (darkening of the corners of the image due to a lack of light) may occur depending on the
lens being used and the capture conditions. We recommend taking a test shot to confirm this.
Camera automatically determines surrounding light and built-in 
flash pops up and discharges automatically when necessary (flash
does not discharge even if it is popped up when not necessary).
Discharges flash manually. Flash discharges when popped up, 
does not discharge when retracted.
Discharges flash manually. Lights a red-eye reduction light before
manual flash.
Auto discharge
Manual discharge
Auto flash+Redeye
Manual flash+Redeye
ƃ When using the built-in flash, remove the lens hood before shooting.
ƃ Manual discharge mode (Flash ON) is used regardless of flash mode settings if the          button is
pressed to pop up the flash manually.
Lights a red-eye reduction light before automatic flash.