Samsung gx-1 User Manual (en)

Other Shooting Modes
7. Press the shutter release button fully.
Pictures are taken continuously while the shutter release button is fully pressed. Take your finger off
the shutter release button to stop. 
Continuous shooting settings are retained when the power is turned off.
Display the Fn menu again and set to        (Single frame shooting) to stop Continuous shooting.
ƈ This camera has two types of self-timers:         and         .
Shutter will be released after about 12 seconds. Use this mode to include the
photographer in the picture.
A mirror pops up immediately after shutter release button is pressed. Shutter is
released after about 2 seconds. Use this mode to avoid camera shake when the
shutter release button is pressed.
1. Mount the camera to a tripod.
ƃ The focus is adjusted each time the shutter is released if the focus mode is set to           (Single
mode). (p.121)
ƃ Focusing is continuously active when the mode dial is set to     ,      ,        or       and [AF Mode] in
the [       Rec. Mode] is set to          (Continuous mode), when scene mode is set to        (Moving
Object) or           mode is set to          (Kids) or          (Pet).
Note that the shutter will release even if the focusing is not complete.
ƃ The shutter cannot be released until charging is complete when using the built-in flash. Use a
custom function to enable shutter release before the built-in flash is ready.
Self-Timer Shooting
ſ Set [No. cnt shtng rcd im] in [Recordable Image No.] of the [      Custom Setting] menu. 
The number of continuously recordable images (buffer space) appears when shutter is pressed
halfway. (p.100)