Samsung gx-1 User Manual (en)

Other Shooting Modes
3. Press the four-way controller (Ɗ).
The Drive Mode options screen appears.
4. Use the four-way controller (ȜȞ) to select      or        . 
The self-timer lamp will blink to let you know that the camera is
in remote control wait status.
5. Press the        button. The screen returns to the Fn menu.
6. Press the       button. The camera is ready to take a picture.
7. Press the shutter release button halfway.
The autofocus system operates. The focus indicator        appears in the viewfinder when the
subject is in focus.
ƃ You cannot focus with the remote control unit in default settings. Focus on the subject first before
operating with the remote control. You can set [AF in remote control] to [On] in the custom
function. (p.100)
ƃ When using the Remote Control Unit, flash does not pop up automatically even when set to
(Auto discharge). Pop up the flash manually beforehand. (p.49)
Drive Mode
Remote Control Unit