Samsung gx-1 User Manual (en)

ƃ Exposure may be affected if light enters the viewfinder. Attach the provided viewfinder cap or use
the AE lock function (p.161) (ignore the light entering the viewfinder when the exposure mode is
set to a (manual) (p.137)).
ƃ Remove the Eyecup by pulling one side out and toward you when using accessories such as the
ME viewfinder cap.
ƃ Turn the power off to stop the remote control operation after it has been activated.
ƃ The remote control may not operate in backlit conditions.
ƃ The remote control does not work while the flash is being charged.
ƃ When using the built-in flash, raise the flash into position first.
ƃ The camera automatically returns to single frame shooting after the remote control shooting mode
is left unused for 5 minutes.
ƃ The remote control unit battery can send a remote control signal about 30,000 times.
Other Shooting Modes
7. Point the remote control unit towards the front of the camera
and press the shutter release button on the remote control.
The operating distance of the remote control unit is about 5 m
from the front of the camera. The shutter will be released
immediately or approximately 3 seconds after the shutter
release button on the remote control unit is pressed
depending on the drive mode selected.
When the picture is taken, the self-timer lamp lights for 2
seconds and will then resume blinking.
[ Removing the Eyecup ]
[ Attaching the Viewfinder cap ]