Samsung gx-1 User Manual (en)

Other Shooting Modes
ƈ Use the Mirror Lock Up function if camera shake is evident even when Cable Switch (optional) or
Remote Control Unit (optional) is used.
When shutter release button is pressed, mirror pops up and shutter is released 2 seconds later if 2
sec. Self-Timer is used. Avoid camera shake when mirror pops up by using this method. Follow the
procedure below to take a picture with the mirror lock up.
1. Mount the camera to a tripod.
2. Use the       button and the four-way controller (Ɗ) to select        (2 sec. Self-Timer).
- Self-Timer Shooting (p.55)
3. Focus on the subject.
4. Press the shutter release button fully.
The mirror pops up and the picture is taken 2 seconds later. AE lock is enabled with the exposure
value set immediately before the mirror goes up.
Using Mirror Lock Up Function to Prevent Camera Shake