Epson R280 Brochure (en)

Epson Stylus Photo R280
4. Place the CD or DVD on the CD/DVD tray with the white 
or printable side face-up. Make sure the disc lies flat in the 
Use one CD/DVD at a time.
Before you position the CD or DVD, make sure that no dust or 
dirt is on the CD/DVD tray, as this may damage the disc’s data 
Be sure to use the CD/DVD tray provided with this printer. If you 
use another CD/DVD tray, there may be a gap in the print position 
and printing may not be performed properly.
To print on a small CD or DVD (8-cm), place the small 
CD/DVD adapter on the tray first, then place the CD or 
DVD inside the adapter.
Make sure you always use the small CD/DVD adapter when you 
print on 8-cm CDs or DVDs and that the CD or DVD and adapter 
lie flat on the tray; otherwise the printer may be damaged.
5. Firmly insert the CD/DVD tray along the base of the front 
tray until it meets resistance. Continue sliding the tray into 
the printer until the arrows on the CD/DVD tray and the 
front tray are aligned.
Make sure both sides of the CD/DVD tray slide into the brackets 
on the front tray.
Do not insert the CD/DVD tray while the printer is printing; 
otherwise, your printer may be damaged or the surface of the CD 
or DVD may become dirty or scratched.
Designing CDs and DVDs
You can use the Epson Print CD program (included on the 
Printer Software CD-ROM) to create and print a design with 
images, graphics, and text. See your on-screen User’s Guide for 
Printing Your Design
After you have created your design and loaded a CD or DVD, 
you’re ready to print.
1. Open the File menu and select 
2. Windows: Make sure 
EPSON Stylus Photo R280 Series
is selected.
Macintosh: Click the 
Select Printer
 button, then select 
Stylus Photo R280
 from the printer list and click 
3. Select 
CD/DVD Premium Surface
 as the 
Media Type setting.
4. Select 
 as the Print Confirmation Pattern setting 
(Windows) or Test Print Pattern setting (Macintosh).
5. Click 
After you print, handle the CD or DVD carefully. To allow the ink to 
dry, wait at least 24 hours before playing the disc or inserting it in a 
drive. Keep printed discs away from moisture and direct sunlight.
If you select CD/DVD Premium Surface as the Media Type setting 
in the Printer Settings window and use a high quality CD/DVD, you 
can create high quality CD/DVD labels.
Be sure to place the front tray in the paper (lower) position when 
you’re done printing on CDs and DVDs.
If you need to adjust the print position or color, see your 
on-screen User’s Guide.
Always use this piece 
with 8-cm CDs or DVDs
12-cm CD/DVD
8-cm CD/DVD
Make sure the 
arrow marks 
Make sure the CD/DVD tray slides 
under the bracket (on both sides)