Epson R280 Brochure (en)

Epson Stylus Photo R280
Using the Buttons on the Printer
1. Make sure the printer is turned on but not printing, and the 
ink light is off. (If the red 
ink light is flashing or 
on, you need to replace a cartridge.)
2. Hold down the 
ink button on the printer for 
approximately 3 seconds.
The printer runs a head cleaning cycle and the green 
power light flashes. Cleaning takes several seconds.
Never turn off the printer while head cleaning is in progress. You 
may damage it.
Do not insert the CD/DVD tray until cleaning has finished.
3. When the green 
power light stops flashing, make sure 
paper is loaded in the printer, then print a nozzle check to 
determine whether you need to clean the print head again. 
See “Checking the Print Head Nozzles” on page 11 for 
more information.
If you don’t see any improvement after cleaning three times, 
turn the printer off and wait overnight. This allows any 
dried ink to soften. Then, try cleaning the print head again.
Examining the Nozzle Check Pattern
Examine the nozzle check pattern you printed. Each staggered 
line should be solid, with no gaps, as shown.
❏ If your printout looks okay, you’re done. 
❏ If you see any gaps (as shown below), clean the print head 
Aligning the Print Head
If your printouts look grainy or blurry, or you see light or dark 
lines, you may need to align the print head.
You may also see lines in your printouts if your cartridges are low 
on ink or you need to clean the print head.
Before you align the print head, make sure the CD/DVD tray 
is not inserted in the printer, and make sure the front tray is in 
the paper (lower) position. 
1. Turn on the printer.
2. Make sure none of the lights are indicating errors. 
3. Load several sheets of plain, letter-size paper.
4. Do one of the following:
❏ Windows: Right-click the   printer icon on your 
taskbar (in the lower right corner of your screen). Select 
Print Head Alignment
❏ Macintosh: Open the 
 folder and select 
EPSON Printer Utility2
. Select 
SP R280 Series
 in the 
printer list, click 
, then select 
Print Head 
5. Follow the instructions on the screen to print the alignment 
pattern. You see a window like this one:
6. Look at the four sets of patterns in your printout. For each 
set, look at the printed squares to determine which one in 
each set is the most even, with no streaks or lines, and enter 
its number in the corresponding box on the screen.
If every square in a set contains a line or lines, select the 
square with the thinnest line or lines. Then click 
 to print another alignment sheet 
and repeat this step.
7. Click 
 to close the Print Head Alignment utility