Epson R280 Brochure (en)

Epson Stylus Photo R280
Checking the Printer’s Lights
To diagnose problems, check the printer’s lights:
Replacing an Ink Cartridge
❏ When the red   ink light flashes, one or more ink 
cartridges are low on ink.
❏ When the red   ink light stays on, you need to replace the 
You’ll also see a message on your screen when you print telling 
you which cartridge is low or expended.
When a cartridge is more than six months old, you may need 
to replace it if printouts don’t look their best. If the quality 
doesn’t improve after cleaning and aligning the print head, 
you can replace the cartridge even if the red 
 ink light is off.
You cannot print when an ink cartridge is expended, even if other 
cartridges are not expended. Leave the expended cartridge(s) 
installed until you have obtained a replacement, or the ink 
remaining in the print head nozzle may dry out.
A window may appear on your computer screen if you try to 
print when ink is low. On a Windows computer that is 
connected to the Internet, you may see a screen asking if you 
want to receive ink offers and other updates from Epson. 
 to continue.
To disable checking for ink offers or updates from Epson, see the 
instructions in your on-screen User’s Guide.
Checking the Ink Supply
Epson cannot guarantee the quality or reliability of non-genuine ink. 
If you install non-genuine ink cartridges, the ink cartridge status will 
not be displayed.
If any of the ink cartridges installed in the printer is broken, 
incompatible, or improperly installed, the ink cartridge status will 
not be accurately displayed.
When you use your printer as a shared printer on a network, the 
client operating systems may not be able to communicate directly 
with the printer and some functions will not be available for the 
To check your ink supply, do one of the following:
❏ Windows: Double-click the 
 printer icon on your 
❏ Macintosh OS X: Open the 
 folder and select 
EPSON Printer Utility2
. Select 
SP R280 Series
in the 
printer list, click 
, and select
EPSON StatusMonitor
Green power 
light flashes
The printer is receiving a print job, replacing an ink 
cartridge, charging ink, or cleaning the print head.
Red paper 
out light is on 
and green 
power light 
If you’re printing on paper, your paper ran out. Load 
more paper and press the 
paper button to 
resume printing.
If you’re printing on a CD or DVD, the CD/DVD tray 
is not inserted. Insert the tray, then press the 
paper button.
Red paper 
out light and 
green power 
light flash
If you’re printing on paper, it is jammed in the 
printer. Press the 
paper button to eject the 
paper. If that doesn’t work, turn off the printer, open 
the cover, and pull the paper out from the front, 
including any torn pieces. Then turn on the printer, 
reload paper, and press the 
paper button.
If you’re printing on a CD or DVD, the CD/DVD tray 
has not ejected. Pull out the tray and press the 
paper button.
Red ink 
flashes and 
green power 
light is on
One of the cartridges is nearly expended. Check the 
message that appears on your screen to determine 
which cartridge is nearly expended or follow the 
instructions in the next section to check the ink 
supply. Make sure you have a replacement 
Red ink 
and green 
power light 
are on
One of the cartridges is nearly expended or not 
installed. Make sure you have a replacement 
cartridge, then follow the instructions in the next 
section to install it.
If you have just installed a new cartridge, it may be 
incompatible with the printer or incorrectly installed. 
Reinstall it or replace it with the correct cartridge, as 
described in the next section.
Green power 
light is off; red 
paper out 
and ink 
lights flash
Paper may be blocking movement of the print head. 
Turn off the printer, then open the cover and 
remove any jammed paper or other foreign objects. 
Turn the printer back on again. If the lights are still 
on, contact Epson.
Red paper 
out and red 
ink light flash 
alternately and 
green power 
light is off
The printer may have an internal error. Turn it off, 
wait a few seconds, and then turn it on again. If the 
lights are still flashing, contact Epson.