Epson R280 Brochure (en)

Epson Stylus Photo R280
Removing and Installing Ink Cartridges
Be sure you have a new ink cartridge before you begin. Once 
you start replacing a cartridge, you must complete all the steps 
in one session.
Leave the expended cartridge installed until you have obtained a 
replacement, or the ink remaining in the print head nozzles may dry 
We recommend that you use genuine Epson cartridges and do not 
refill them. The use of other products may affect your print quality 
and could result in printer damage.
Do not open ink cartridge packages until you are ready to install the 
ink. Cartridges are vacuum packed to maintain reliability.
1. Make sure the CD/DVD tray is not inserted in the printer, 
and make sure the front tray is in the paper (lower) position. 
2. Make sure the printer is turned on. (The green 
light should be on, but not flashing.) Then open the printer 
3. Press and release the 
ink button. 
❏ If you are replacing a low or expended cartridge, the 
print head moves to the ink cartridge check position, 
and the cartridge that needs to be replaced stops under 
mark. The green 
power light begins to flash.
❏ If you are replacing a cartridge before it is low or 
expended, the print head moves directly to the ink 
cartridge replacement position. Skip to step 6.
Don’t hold down the 
 ink button for more than 3 seconds, or 
the printer will start to clean the print head. 
Do not move the print head by hand; this may damage your 
printer. Always press and release the 
ink button to move it.
Be careful not to touch the white flat 
cable inside the printer.
4. Press the 
ink button again.
❏ If more than one cartridge is low or expended, the next 
cartridge moves under the   mark. Repeat this step.
❏ If all the low or expended cartridges have been 
identified, the print head moves to the ink cartridge 
replacement position.
If an ink cartridge is low, you may continue to use it until it is 
5. Open the cartridge cover.
6. Remove the new cartridge from its package.
Be careful not to break the hooks on the front of the ink cartridge 
when you remove it from the package.
Always install an ink cartridge immediately after removing the old 
cartridge. If the cartridge is not installed promptly, the print head 
may dry out and be unable to print.
Do not touch the green IC chip 
on the side of the cartridge.
This can damage the ink