Epson R280 Brochure (en)

Epson Stylus Photo R280
Printing on CDs and DVDs
You can use the CD/DVD tray to print customized text, 
graphics, and photos directly on any ink jet-printable CD or 
DVD. The Epson Print CD software makes it easy to import 
your own photos, add text, and modify your designs with a 
variety of special effects. You can print on both regular 12-cm 
and 8-cm CDs and DVDs.
Use only ink jet-printable CDs and DVDs for printing. Thermal-
printable and regular CDs and DVDs should not be used with this 
Guidelines for Printing on CDs and DVDs
❏ Make sure the data, music, or video is burned on your CD 
or DVD before you print. Otherwise, dirt or scratches on 
the surface may cause errors when you burn the data.
❏ You can set the printable area for your CDs or DVDs using 
Epson Print CD. Make sure the settings you choose are 
appropriate for the CD or DVD you are printing on; 
otherwise, you may stain the CD/DVD tray, CD, or DVD.
❏ Moisture on the printable surface of your CDs or DVDs 
may cause smearing.
❏ Before using or touching the printed surface of your CDs or 
DVDs, make sure you dry them for 24 hours.
❏ Depending on your CD or DVD type, smearing may occur 
or the printed surface may be sticky even after it has dried. 
If smearing or stickiness occurs, you can adjust the print 
density (see your online User’s Guide for instructions), or try 
a different brand of CD or DVD.
❏ If you accidentally print on the CD/DVD tray, immediately 
wipe off the ink.
The printable area of a CD or DVD is shown below:
If you print in the inner hub or outer periphery areas of the disc, 
the disc or CD/DVD tray may get stained with ink:
❏ Inner hub area: 18 to 42 mm
❏ Outer periphery area: 117 to 120 mm (12-cm CD/DVD), 
77 to 80 mm (8-cm CD/DVD)
Inserting a CD or DVD
Before you insert a CD or DVD, make sure the printer is 
turned on. Otherwise, the disc may not be positioned 
correctly. Then follow these steps:
1. Open the front cover.
2. Lift the front tray up with both hands, then pull it out of 
the paper position (lower notches).
3. Set the front tray in the CD/DVD position (upper 
12-cm CD/DVD
8-cm CD/DVD