GE e1055w User Guide (en)

Image Stabilization mode
The stabilizer function is used for less blur picture 
caused by hand shake under a dark  environment, the 
camera would increase the ISO level under the mode to 
have a higher  shutter speed. 
This function may not help to take a clear picture 
of a fast moving target, such as a car passing by, 
This function may not help to stabilize photos if 
you are in a moving vehicle (car, boat, etc.).  It is 
best used when taking normal shots.
The Image Stabilization mode combats the effect of 
hand shake and allows you to take pictures that would 
otherwise be blurred.
1.  Switch the mode dial to ( 
 ) mode.
2.  Press 
Shutter halfway to focus on the subject.
3.  Press 
Shutter fully to capture the image.