Sony DSLR-A700P Specification Guide (en)

SD Memory Card Compatibility Information for Alpha Cameras 
How to Use This Chart: 
Locate your camera model on the left‐hand side and then scan along the top row for your memory card model. If the camera or memory card you are looking 
for is not on the page, continue checking later pages in the document. 
Important Information: 
  This "Compatibility Chart" only provides compatibility testing results for the Memory Card applications listed in each product’s instruction manual 
with Memory Stick media types listed below. 
  This chart does not guarantee support for all memory card media types' performance nor compatibility among memory card media compliant 
  Attach a dedicated adapter to use microSD/microSDHC memory card in a slot for standard size SD/SDHC memory card. 
  The Memory Stick media capacity indicated on the packaging will differ from actual usable capacity. A portion of the memory is used for data 
management file functions.  
  This compatibility chart and specifications are subject to change without notice.  
This media is not compatible with XAVC S movie mode. 
This media does not support recording modes XAVC S 100Mbps or higher 
The SRAC-A1 adapter must be attached to use microSD/microSDHC in a slot 
for SD/SDHC media. 
This SD Card may not be able to record or play video. 
This host device does not support the high speed data transfer for UHS-I. 
4K (QFHD: 3840 x 2160) video recording requires a 4K-compatible recorder 
This media cannot be used as file system is different.